Prevent Malaria Attacks With Mosquito Nets

Do you know that the safest way to prevent malaria attacks is through the constant use of mosquito nets? It is an essential kit that should be found in every home due to its overwhelming importance. It is very useful for both children and adults.

Parents, who may not want to administer their children drugs frequently as a result of mosquito attacks, should develop the mindset of using mosquito nets daily. They are affordable, and in most cases, distributed free to families both in the rural and urban areas.
Apart from using mosquito nets during bedtime, the doors and windows in the home should equally be covered with mosquito nets.

Mosquito nets are handy and come in different shapes, sizes and colours that could fit into any space in the room, doors and windows.
Use mosquito nets all day and enjoy health-free mosquito bite.

Caring For Mosquito Nets
Before using chemically-transformed mosquito nets on the bed, sun-dry it two days since the chemicals are harmful and may result to loss of life.
For mosquito net on the doors and windows, clean with towel and soapy water, at least once in a week.
For mosquito net on the beds, wash at least once in a month so as to avoid dirts blocking the tiny openings.
Avoid keeping open flames close to the nets, since it is highly flammable.

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