Common questions on the use of treated mosquito nets

Why should we use treated mosquito nets?

Sleeping under an insecticide-treated net (ITN) is the most cost effective proven method of preventing malaria. Those who sleeps regularly under treated mosquito nets suffer less from malaria than those not using treated nets, and they are far less likely to die from the disease and its complications.
The health benefits are greatest among young children, pregnant women and other people (such as visitors) who have little immunity to the disease.

How do treated mosquito nets work?

 Malaria is spread by a particular variety of mosquito known as the Anopheles mosquito which prefers to feed at night, while people are sleeping. A mosquito looking for blood will be attracted towards a person but will then come into contact with the insecticide on the treated net.
Mosquitoes are killed or repelled by their contact with the insecticide. The repellent effect of the insecticide means that other people sleeping in the same room - though not using the net - will also benefit. It is similar to spraying the room every night!

Can I use an ordinary mosquito net, without insecticide?
Experiments have found that nets without insecticide can prevent malaria but are much less effective than treated nets.

If children do not contract malaria frequently, will they still develop a natural immunity to the disease?

Even if a person sleeps under a treated net, they still receive some bites from infected mosquitoes. This challenges the body to develop its own protective immunity. However immunity may take longer to build up than in people not using treated nets.

Are insecticides dangerous?

When the insecticides are handled, stored, diluted, and used correctly, they are not harmful to humans. Some nets may smell for a few days after treatment, but when the insecticides are used at the correct dilution, there should be no other effects. The insecticides are also harmless to chickens, goats, and dogs. However they can harm fish, so waste fluid from net dipping should be poured down a pit latrine - not into a river or pond.

Can i start using long lasting insecticide treated net immediately after purschase?

Before your first use, leave it out of wrap for 24hrs. Some people experience minor side effects such as a runny nose when they sleep under a freshly treated or purchased LLIT net (first 2 to 3 days). After the first week the chemical is usually undetectable, although some asthmatics can detect it when other people cannot.

Treated nets are recommended for use by people of all ages including babies, in areas where malaria is a serious risk. There is no evidence of long term toxicity in humans, however there are ongoing toxicological studies to specifically look for long term side effects.

What material are the mosquito nets made of ?

The mosquito net fabric are made of 100 % micro - polyester .

Is sleeping under cotton bed nets are more comfortable than polyester ?

No. Experience shows that this made no difference .

I have a shop and would like to sell bed nets . Is that possible?

Myking venture is a wholesale suplliers and retails can be consider , send e - mail or call and we will contact you .

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