Using Home-Based Malaria Test Kits Will Help Reduce Malaria Death

Malaria home test kit

Malaria home test kit is used for the rapid initial detection and/or confirmation of malaria infection in the blood and test Plasmodium falciparum (Pf), vivax (Pv), ovale (Po) and malariae (Pm) antigen. We provide an easy and efficient way to check for malaria infection - a possible deadly health problem.

Accuracy and dependable of results 

  • These test kits are accurate when used properly and as directed, and the relatively low cost makes it available to most people.
  • The greatest error made by people using home testing kits, is that they do not follow the directions.
  • When using a malaria home test kit ensure that you read the instructions carefully, and stick to such instructions.
  • Since no test is infallible it is best to confirm test results by using a licensed medical testing facility.

Benefits of home malaria test kit 

  • immediate results
  • availability
  • privacy
  • price

Specifications of home test 

Malaria test kit is an immunochromatographic assay for the initial detection and/or confirmation of Plasmodium falciparum (Pf), vivax (Pv), ovale (Po) and malariae (Pm) antigen.
Infection usually occurs from 7 days after being bitten by an infected mosquito.

Contents of the malaria test kit 

  • Individually foil sealed device (cassette)
  • Diluent (clearing fluid) in a plastic vial format
  • Plastic blood collection pipette
  • Alcohol swab
  • Medlance for finger prick
  • Instruction sheet.


  • Stored at room temperature the test kit components are stable until expiry date printed on labels.
  • The test kit should be kept from direct sunlight, moisture and heat.
  • Do not freeze the test kit.


Read the instructions before starting the procedure.
  • Do not use beyond the expiration date, printed on the pouch.
  • Do not open the foil until you are ready to use it.
  • If you used the test kit and even it the results showed negative, and you have any symptoms of infection, immediately contact your health practitioner.
  • Please note that symptoms may vary - so please check with your health practitioner if in doubt.

Testing procedure 

  • Remove the cassette from it’s pouch, and place it on a flat surface.
  • Cleanse the end of a finger with a sterile swab and dry it with a clean tissue.
  • With a finger-pricking device carefully prick the end of a finger (at the side) squeezing gently to increase blood flow.
  • Apply end of the capillary tube to the blood flow to draw blood into the tube. The blood will automatically flow into the glass capillary tube. Ensure that the glass capillary tube is filled.
  • By holding the capillary tube in a vertical position immediately apply the blood from the capillary tube into the center of the cassette sample well by pressing the end of the tube onto the absorbent paper in the well.
  • Allow up to 30 seconds for the specimen to be absorbed before adding the reagent.
  • Add 5 drops (about 8 µl) of the reagent into the sample well.
  • Results are read in 5 – 10 minutes for strong positives.
  • Wait up to 15 minutes for weaker positives and to make sure negatives are confirmed.
  • Do not read results after 15 minutes.
  • If the membrane does not clear sufficiently after 2 minutes, one more drop of reagent may be added to the (sample) well of the cassette.

Applying blood and diluent

Interpretation of results 

The test is negative if only the Control (C) line appears.
The test is invalid if the "control" line (marked "C") does not appear.
It would still be invalid even if a a test line (marked "T") appears and the test should be repeated using a new cassette.
The test is positive when 2 or 3 lines appear in the test window.
Ref (a)
Control line (C) and the upper Test line (T) appears
P.f. positive
Ref (b)
Control line (C) and 2 test lines (T) appear
P.f. infection and an infection of either P.v., P.m. or P.o.
Ref (c)
Control line (C) and the lower test line (T) appears
P.v., P.m. or a P.o. infection

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