Malaria is an acute febrile infection caused by parasites of the plasmodium species.
Four types of parasites are identified; 

  • Plasmodium Falciparum 
  • Plasmodium Vivax 
  • Plasmodium Ovale 
  • Plasmodium Malariae.
The deadliest parasite responsible for over 90% of the severe malaria infections is Plasmodium Falciparum. 

Malaria is carried from person to person by a certain kind of mosquito that usually bites at night. The parasite is injected into the blood stream by a feeding mosquito. Malaria can be prevented. Malaria is a serious disease that can kill people.

Children under five and pregnant women are most at risk of severe malaria disease. Pregnant women, babies and young children are at the greatest risk of getting sick and dying of malaria. 

Why do we say pregnant women are vulnerable to malaria?
When women become pregnant, their immunity and resistance level become more or less helpless when malaria parasite strike. It not uncommon to have pregnant woman prescribe prophylaxis – Fansidar. Malaria in pregnant woman could lead to low blood level, premature labour, abortion, stillbirth, low birth weight and anaemia which could led to death. 

A person with malaria may have one or more of the following common symptoms: 

• Fever (sweating, feeling cold and shivering) 
• Headache 
• Pain in the joints 
• Loss of appetite 
• Vomiting • Diarrhea 
• Convulsions (fits) Fever

How do we now control and prevent mosquito bite?

Aerosols e.g.Mobil, raid spray.
Window/door net
Mosquito coils 
Flit gun sprayer 
Burn things 
Keep environment clean*
Electric coil

Sleeping under an insecticide-treated net (ITN) is the most effective proven method of preventing malaria.

Insecticide treated nets (ITNs)
ITN are made of a suitable material with fine mesh to act as a mechanical barrier to the entry of mosquitoes.
They are subsequently impregnated with an insecticide, commonly deltamethrin 55mg/m, a chemical substance that is lethal to mosquitoes but harmless to man.

The material is 100% polyester, durable, strong and non flammable. Last long and are durable, are economical, have no smell or irritating effect, are good and safe (especially for babies/children)

The most common shapes are conical (round) and rectangular. The most commonly available net colours are white, green and blue. 

Use insecticide treated mosquito nets and sleep in peace & protect your health

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