Most effective way to prevent malaria

Malaria prevention is a major public health challenge and a priority for the Roll Back Malaria (RBM) partnership. Malaria is responsible for 60% outpatient visits to health facilities.The financial loss due to malaria annually is estimated to be about 132 billion naira in form of treatment costs, prevention, loss of man-hours etc; yet, it is a treatable and completely avoidable disease.

Sleeping under an insecticide-treated net (ITN) is the most effective proven method of preventing malaria.
Bed nets work by creating a protective barrier against deadly-malaria carrying mosquitoes that bite at night. A family of four can sleep under an insecticide-treated bed net, safe from malaria, for four to five years. The benefits of bed nets extend even further than protecting those sleeping underneath them. The insecticide woven into each net makes entire communities safer – killing and repelling mosquitoes so that they can’t go on to bite others who may not be protected by a net.
       Last long and are durable
       Are economical
Have no smell or irritating effect                                                                 Are good and safe (especially for babies/children)

Insecticide treated nets (ITNs) are made of a suitable material with fine mesh to act as a mechanical barrier to the entry of mosquitoes.They are subsequently impregnated with an insecticide, commonly permethrin, a chemical substance that is lethal to mosquitoes but harmless to man. The material is 100% polyester, durable, strong and non flammable.

There are different shapes, colours and designs of mosquito bed nets. The most common shapes are conical (round) and rectangular. The most commonly available colours are white, green and blue.

Use insecticide treated mosquito nets and sleep in peace & protect your health

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