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Sales and Suppliers of Insecticide Treated Net - ITN
We are promoters and suppliers of long lasting insecticides treated mosquito net (ITN).

Our mission is providing awareness, education and mass scale of delivery of ‘INSECTICIDES TREATED MOSQUITO BED NETS’ of high quality different shapes and sizes leading to the enhancement of health and quality of life particularly to the most vulnerable – pregnant women and children.

Malaria prevention is a major public health challenge and a priority for the Roll Back Malaria (RBM) partnership.The disease is responsible for 60% outpatient visits to health facilities.

The financial loss due to malaria annually is estimated to be about 132 billion naira in form of treatment costs, prevention, loss of man-hours etc; yet, it is a treatable and completely avoidable disease.

Achieving this goal of NO MORE MALARIA, we are proposing the sales and supplies of treated mosquito net to you, your client, staff and your entire community.

We supply different sizes, shapes and colours at a reasonable cost. We look forward to further discussion.

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Obatem Medical Supplies
Director of Operation
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